Mesh supports models represented as COLLADA files. Many applications can create COLLADA files, or can create files that can be converted into COLLADA format. COLLADA is a very general format, so not all COLLADA files will be supported. Learn more about how to create a mesh.

Meshes may be general purpose, representing simple geometry, or rigged, in which case they also store information allowing them to be animated along with an avatar.

Why use meshes?

The ability to import meshes means more detailed, complex, realistic and creative objects and avatars are available to everyone. Designers can use external software tools to design avatars and other objects for use inworld. Avatar designs can be joint-rigged, allowing natural-looking animation without a need for extra scripting.

Types of meshes

simple mesh is a mesh with a single face. It has a single color and texture, and can model a simple object in the real world.
multi-face mesh is a mesh with multiple textures.
rigged mesh is a mesh with an internal virtual skeleton. Manipulating the virtual skeleton causes corresponding changes in the shape of the mesh, which allows the mesh to be animated.

Can I use a Mesh in YAL?

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