Virtual land: Under this word means a place in 3D web Your Alternative Life, consisting of square meters, where avatars move and interact.


Avatar is a 3D character in the YAL world what represents a really existing character.


Region: It is a square patch of land which may contain an island, mountains, a plain, buildings, etc., or just an ocean. A region has an (x/y) position in a grid and a region-handle calculated from the position.


Grid is the level that organizes the regions and their positions in the world and handles things that need to exist across regions, such as a user’s inventory. You can think of it as similar to the world map.


Mainland consists of interconnected Regions. Each Region is 65,536 sqm of virtual land in one or more parcels.


Private Region (Island) is a region without adjacent neighbors and offers the most flexibility and privacy to support your Alternative Life needs.


Estate is a collection of one or more Private Regions managed by one person.  A Region is the 16-acre square of land on the grid that belongs to an Estate. Region names are always shown at the top of the screen in the viewer. Estate names are only visible in the Region/Estate window.

Mesh -A collection of triangles with a single transformation matrix, roughly equivalent to a “Prim”

Definitions of some terms:

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